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Become and Expert: JavaScript Mike McIntyre

This post provides some resources that will help you become a JavaScript expert.

Do you know when

    and when not - to use the JavaScript var statement?

    it’s safe to use non-strict comparison operators?

    to cache your JavaScript objects?

    to use feature detection?

    you should use inline event handlers?

If you had difficulty with ANY of the questions you will benefit from the following JavaScript resources:


JavaScript is formalized in the ECMAScript language standard.

Reading the standard is a good way to become a JavaScript expert.

Click here to download a PDF containing the ECMAScript languge standards:

Standard ECMA-262

Mozilla offers an excellent JavaScript Guide for newbies and a complete JavaScript Reference for all:

JavaScript MDN

JavaScript Reference - JavaScript MDN

W3Schools provides an online tutorial:

JavaScript Tutorial

The W3 has developed many of Web APIs available to JavaScript developers:

JavaScript Web APIs - W3C