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xRAD Well Known Names– Part 1 Mike McIntyre


Well known names are part my rapid application development (xRAD) frame work. In this blog post I introduce a well known name that has helped me, since 1992, to rapidly develop applications for my clients.

In 1992 I decided PostalCode would be the well known name I would use for: postal code, post code,and zip code.

Zip code, post code, and postal code are different names for the same thing - a code that is appended to the end of addresses to make it possible to quickly sort mail.

PostalCode is consistently used in my databases, models, code, generators, snippets, control names – anywhere one of my applications uses a zip code, post code, or postal code.

Stay tuned for my next XRAD blog post in which I will explain how a well known name like PostalCode contributes to rapid application development.

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