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Opening the black box with Microsoft® Roslyn Mike McIntyre


Until now the VB and C# compilers have been black boxes, un accessible to Microsoft.Net developers.

Enter Microsoft Roslyn, “a set of APIs for exposing the Microsoft C# and Visual Basic .NET compilers as services available at runtime.”

This software is currently available as a community technology preview (CTP).

Roslyn can be imagined as a “compiler as a Windows service” which VB and C# developers can access through the new Roslyn APIs.

It allows the entire compile-execute process to be invoked from within .Net applications to, for example, give VB and C# a dynamic languages ability to generate and invoke code at runtime.

Or, how about incorporating Roslyn into a .NET application that accepts user input then uses Roslyn APIs to process the input (remember how good old class VB could evaluate a string?)

Roslyn is powerful but you won’t know how powerful it is until you try it out yourself.

Download it today!

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