Sample Code

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Add and Remove Tab Pages at RuntimeWindows Forms VS201046.32 KBDownload
App dataWindows 8.1104.98 KBDownload
App titles and badgesWindows 8.112.03 MBDownload
App viewsWindows 8.182.49 KBDownload
Internet Connected StateWindows Forms VS201047.68 KBDownload
ListView Fill with OleDB DataReaderWindows Forms VS201063.86 KBDownload
ListView Fill with SQL QueryWindows Forms VS201084.55 KBDownload
Nullable Date Time PickerWindows Forms VS201053.37 KBDownload
TabPage Determine Which Tab is ClickedWindows Forms VS201084.27 KBDownload
XAML WebView ControlWindows 8.1408.61 KBDownload
XLinq/XmlReader/XmlWriter queriesWindows 8.185.14 KBDownload